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New Construction

Thankfully the Tri-State area has started to recover from the housing bust and housing starts are continuing to make gains in our area. You can trust us to take care of your new construction project from the planning stages through the final device connections. We can help you decide how to proceed with your lighting design, audio and visual installations, as well as CAT5 and network connections. No project is to big or to small. We have done new housing installations from 1600 square feet to 26,000 square feet.

Things to consider in New Home Construction:

  • Service size and type. Underground / Overhead RCO 106.1.1 requires submission of a Residential Load Calculation based on NEC 220.82 for a single family home. This formula is calculated after the appliances, HVAC equipment and final square footage of the dwelling are decided. The service overhead can not be less than 20% of the calculated load on the service. In simple terms on a 200 AMP service you can not have more than 160 AMPS of equipment calculated against the 200 AMP service baseline. If you do you will be required to install a larger service to insure compliance. We prepare all Permit and Calculation paperwork as standard with any installation.
  • Panel Placement for maximum economy in wire runs and circuit feeds.
  • Overhead lighting. The most common “after the sale” call we receive is “I need a ceiling fan in my upstairs bedrooms”. Plan for the overhead lighting as completely as possible in the construction stage and you will save considerably down the road.
  • LED Lighting vs Halogen or Low Voltage Lighting. LED Lighting consumes on average 80% less electric than halogen or incandescent. Spending a little more upfront can save you thousands of the lifetime of your home.
  • Can lighting vs flush mount fixtures.
  • Appliances and misc motors.
  • Device type and color. Decora vs Residential grade devices. White vs Ivory.
  • Whole house lighting control systems.
  • TV mountings and whole home audio systems.
  • Network and other entertainment wiring.
  • Phone and Cable.

We have over 200 years of combined knowledge in new construction electrical installations. We are happy to help you plan, design and install your systems in new homes of any type.