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Home Electrical Inspection

Cullen Electric is pleased to offer primary, or follow up, electrical inspection services for home buyers or home sellers. We work with you to insure that your home is ready for sale, or for purchase, by inspecting all facets of the electrical system for Code compliance and safety features. We can also help you verify if an Inspector was correct in his assessment of your electrical system. Home Inspectors have a broad range of expertise but many times they reach out to full time Electricians to help them fine tune, in detail, their findings. If you are purchasing an existing home there are several things to remember in the Inspection process:

  • If the home is existing and was built many years ago the existing electrical system could be Code compliant for the time period that it was built. It may look dangerous and out of date to you if compared to modern standards. However unless you update a system in your home you are NOT required to update your electric to existing Code. The National Electrical Code (NEC) is published every three years by the NFPA so you would have a never ending list of updates to do every three years if you had to! If you don't touch it, it is “grandfathered” in and you are not compelled under the NEC to update it.
  • Grounded outlets: (3 prong outlets) installed on non-grounded (2 wire systems missing a grounding conductor in the wiring) circuits will force either an outlet change or a compulsory rewire since this is a non-code compliant updated.
  • GFI outlets: even though they may not have been required by Code at the time the home was built, most inspectors and buyers will demand they be installed in the locations required by NEC 2014 ART 210.8. These locations include garages, bathrooms, kitchens, unfinished basements, exterior areas, and other areas specified under the NEC. These devices may be the greatest life saving safety devices ever manufactured. Insist on there installation as required. They have been required in applications by the NEC since the 1970's.
  • Fuse Boxes: If your home has an existing fuse box be prepared to replace it. Thankfully there are fewer and fewer of these potential fire hazards left in the Tri-State with good reason. They are fire traps because you can insert any size fuse in any slot. This can quickly cause a fire on the wiring if the wrong size fuse is installed on the branch circuit wiring. Some homeowners have even put pennies in the slots to remedy the fuses blowing. Please do not do that if you have a fuse panel in your home as this is almost a sure way to have the Red Cross finding you temporary housing after the fire.
  • Federal Pacific Panels: Most buyers will request the seller update any Federal Pacific Panel found in a home for purchase.
  • Aluminum Wiring: Existing Aluminum wiring systems are getting to be near 50 years old. These systems are failing at rates consistent with the age of the system. If your home has AL wiring in it. Be prepared to be negotiating hard because of it. Al Wiring has caused millions of dollars in property damage from fires as well as countless injuries and deaths since it's original manufacture and use.
  • Knob and Tube Wiring Systems

All of the above things and many more are available when you call us to Inspect your home! We can also remedy and assist with any and all problems originating in your electrical system as well!

Most Whole House Inspections start at $199.00 and are based on Square Footage when pricing. Each Inspection also includes a report detailing any Codes specific to the issues found.