Whole House Rewire

Why Rewire?

Making the decision to rewire? So your home has been diagnosed with antiquated wiring or a deteriorating Aluminum wire system┬áthere are some options available to you such as copalum for your AL system or even “pig tailing” purple wire nuts yourself that you buy at Home Depot to your AL system. Are these fixes effective?

The FTC and CPSC has determined the installation of Copalum onto existing AL systems is an effective remedy against the breakdown of wiring at the junction points of AL and Copper wire reducing the risk of fire there to almost zero. That’s wonderful. However the cost of copalum is extremely high and you still have the AL wiring in your home though it is safer. The reality is you have a wiring system in your home that is almost 50 years old as it exists in it’s current form. Consider this…. The National Electrical Code is published by the NFPA every three years. There are significant advances in technology and safety breakthroughs that have occurred en mass over the years. These include ground fault protection, arc fault protection, 120V fire and CO detection systems, as well as tamper resistant outlets, in-use covers for exterior outlets and hundreds of others. If your AL wire was installed in 1970 that means there has been 15 Code cycle changes since your home was built. In essence you are “updating” your home to a condition that was current 45 years ago. What makes more sense when you view the options in that light?

House rewires are comparable in price to Copalum installations and they will truly enhance the value of your home both in resale dollars and in livability. You will enjoy the conveniences of a modern electrical system and have the peace of mind that the value of your house has increased because of the investment you made in fresh wiring vs putting connectors in your device boxes. Before you decide on Copalum call for a free quote. You may be surprised at how affordable an updated system may be. You may also be surprised about how cleanly a lot of these new systems can be installed. We have effected whole house installs with NO damage to walls or ceilings over the years. Not every job is like that but it may not be as destructive as you think.

Purple wire nuts? U/L Listed for AL/CU connections. We do not install that product and do not recommend a homeowner EVER touching an AL wiring system ever for any reason with those wire nuts or with any other device or fixture.

So you have decided to rewire……what can you expect?