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Your home has just experienced a fire and the fire department has left the scene. The Electric Company has turned off your gas and electric and you are in the dark. By the grace of God all that is damaged is your home and you need to start the rebuilding process. Your Insurance Company tells you that your local jurisdiction, or the Insurance Company themselves, require a “Megger Test” to verify the integrity of the wiring system in your home.

What is “Megger Testing”? When a fire or other high heat event (lightning, explosion, etc.) occurs, wiring and its corresponding elements (insulation, etc.) are subjected to high levels of heat. All metals and physical compounds have a melting point. In the course of some fire events this melting point is reached and the current carrying integrity of the wiring is compromised. The insulation may have melted internally or both the wire and insulation may have been melted. When this occurs you have a pocket of resistance that forms as the electrical current tries to flow across that melted area. As current flow increases, to try to traverse the pocket, it creates heat. That heat may create enough temperature to actually cause another fire. Just what you don't need! The scary part about these compromised wires is you may have no idea that this has occurred since the wire may be compromised behind the walls or in your attic.

“Megger Testing” is a spot insulation test which uses an applied DC voltage (typically either 250Vdc, 500Vdc or 1,000Vdc for low voltage equipment <600V and 2,500Vdc and 5,000Vdc for high voltage equipment) to measure insulation resistance in either kΩ, MΩ or GΩ. The measured resistance is intended to indicate the condition of the insulation or dielectric between two conductive parts, where the higher the resistance, the better the condition of the insulation. Ideally, the insulation resistance would be infinite, but as no insulators are perfect, leakage currents through the dielectric will ensure that a finite (though high) resistance value is measured.

In Layman's term we can test your circuits for those melted fault areas that may have occurred during your fire event. These results are then analyzed and specific circuits can be isolated and replaced to insure that there are no further problems on your affected circuits. You have been through enough. You do not need further loss or inconvenience. If you have had a fire talk to your Adjuster and see if Megger Testing is required. It is normally covered by Insurance since the last thing they want to do is pay another claim a month after you are able to reclaim your domicile.

Cullen Electric has the equipment on hand and the expertise to perform your Megger Testing and get those results logged and filed with your insurance carrier as well as the Local Building Department, if required. We know living through a fire is a life changing ordeal. We are here to help you make sure your existing wiring is safe, and of course, to install new wiring as needed as well. We are here for all of your electrical needs. Please call if we can be of assistance.