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Heat Seeker Testing

The cause of most electrical failures and house fires. Loose connections, improperly sized breakers, frayed cords, wires pinched behind walls, can all spell “fire hazard” if gone undetected.

Thankfully Cullen Electric offers Heat Seeker Testing® a thermographic imaging detection service that can identify these hot spots ANYWHERE in your home. Whether it is wiring in walls, attics, basements or panels, we can detect hot spots that could potentially turn into fire starting menaces . We use state of the art Infra Red Imaging Technology to perform IR Imaging in accordance with the “Standard for Infrared Inspection of Electrical Systems & Rotating Equipment” & “NETA” Standards.

How does this work? We monitor the heat levels at every device, opening, and appliance, in your attic, basement and general living area. We monitor the heat signatures for anomalies against a “standard” heat tolerance based on the U/L temp ratings of the wire and other factors as compared to ambient heat levels. We record these images and have the findings reviewed for possible action by an in house engineer. We then report these findings to the homeowner with recommendations on remedies to alleviate these issues.

In addition to the Heat Seeker Testing® we will perform a whole house electrical inspection that will verify that your home is taking advantage of all the current technological safety features available including: ground fault and arc fault protection, grounded wiring, main grounding, over current devices properly sized as well as many other areas we address in this full service safety inspection.

We are here to assist you in the protection of your home and family. This is a tremendous tool in further enhancing our ability to do that.

Schedule an appointment today using the tabs on the side of the page or call (513) 227-4112. Prices start at 599.00 and up depending on the square footage of your home. Please call for further information.

We also offer “Arc Flash Analysis” services for industrial and commercial application using the same strict Standards as directed by “NETA” Standards as directed by “NFPA70E” in compliance with related applicable codes.